Are You as Powerless as you Think to Being Just Like Your Parents?

You know what they say; “Like father, like son,” right? But is that necessarily the case? There are so many ways people try to mold you into into what you ‘should’ be or what you’re ‘supposed to’ be. But isn’t that up to the individual? I know many people who have escaped the mold and become their own person. If your parents are great and you WANT to be like them, that’s great. And if that’s still your CHOICE. But what if you don’t? You make the decision. We do not have to be blindly led by outer circumstances. We have the control, many people just choose not to use it.


Mainstream News Declares Eating Healthy a Sign of Mental Illness!

They say that a recent ‘study’ shows that eating healthy is a “paranoid obsession.” You have got to be kidding me. Worse than people who spew out this garbage are the idiots who believe it. I think you could put any ridiculous nonsense on mainstream news and simply because it’s on mainstream news, the majority of people will believe it. They love to create a dogma and tell you what to think. And if you disagree and actually choose to think for yourself or get your information from a different source? You’re a “CONSPIRACY THEORIST.” So calling someone crazy for questioning what the ‘powers that be’ want to say is the truth is reasonable in a civilized society? Sounds like a high school mentality being perpetuated on grown adults and is dangerous and disgraceful to any society that actually cares about bettering itself and becoming more intelligent.

Is America Becoming a Dictatorship?

If you study dictatorships throughout history, the similarities are vast and in many cases, WORSE than dictatorships from the past. So why doesn’t anyone care? The definition of fascism is the merging of the corporate with the government. Is that not what we have now? Can anyone possible disagree with this? Do Republicans or Democrats change this? No. They most definitely do not. This is extremely dangerous to our freedom and our future. Maybe people don’t realize what a dictatorship or fascism really mean? If you think by working or rolling over for the government that you will be protected you are dead wrong. Historically, dictatorships and communist countries use their own people as pawns then turn on them as well. Take notice of what is happening.

Antropafil: Happy Pill or Suicide Solution?

There’s a new drug on the market (one of MANY) with an unbelievable amount of side effects. This particular drug, Antropafil, has “May cause depression and severe suicidal thoughts” listed as one of their side effects. Well, being that this medication is supposed to be an ANTI-DEPRESSANT, does that make any sense to anyone?

Countless drugs, medications, food additives and vaccines are pushed on the public by these companies, and of course, approved by the FDA while still being at the very least risky and unproven and turn out to be horrible to ingest with severe if not dire side effects. These drugs are constantly rushed through FDA approval with favoritism towards certain lobbyists and pocket-lining to get through the approval process. The FDA knows full well that many of these chemicals are not safe and yet continues to push them through. The company that makes this particular drug, Masonicorp, has been known to push poisons on people for their own profit. How do you stop this? STOP BUYING THEM and REFUSE when they are forced on you by your doctor, who is also paid to push drugs on you. Do your own research and stop blindly accepting what these ‘authority figures’ tell you at face value. Your money is being used to poison you.

You’re Being Conditioned to be Passive

How many rationalizations are there for the acceptance of being passive and blindly accepting things no matter how bad they are for ourselves, the community or for the future? “That’s just the way it is,” “Things are changing,” “It’s a different world now,” etc. Is this supposed to make it ok? Change is not necessarily a good thing. It is case by case. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is not. Things should not be accepted just because ‘things are changing.’ The Roman Empire did NOT change for the better.

Or “Just let it go.” Why? Why let it go? Some things should NOT be let go. If someone is infringing on your rights or oppressing you, or if something is unfair or unjust, you should NOT let it go. There is a huge grey area being ignored here as usual.

It comes down to thinking for yourself and standing up for what you feel is right. When is the last time you spoke to someone who had an original thought? Or when is the last time you’ve even heard an original thought? Tons of opinions and information on social media and it’s all the same. Nothing different. TV especially. Has anyone noticed that virtually ALL of mainstream television spews the same ideas? The same agenda. The biggest threat to any civilization is the conformity to a single idea. This is what holds us back. This is what halts our evolution. This is what keeps us under control.

Lowering the Standard of our Intellect by Keeping us Preoccupied with Sex

The mainstream media LOVES to flood the airwaves with sex. But why? Sex sells, right? Well yes. But only to a point. By keeping people focused on sex, they are distracted from their intellect and capability to fulfill their destiny. Our lives should not be about just mindless consumerism and what to buy next. They should be more enriched than that, Not only for the good of our species and to evolve, but for our personal happiness. This is a part of the dumbing down of our culture. And it is not by accident. Those in power know they can control a dumbed down and distracted population well beyond that of an intelligent and focused one. They control you through the television. You’re being manipulated.

Republican vs. Democrat — What’s the Difference?

They are both corporate run. They both answer to corporations. The both get their campaign contributions form corporations. The same ones even. Yes, the politicians come out and say they have a different agenda. And they do — on minor issues. But all of the essential big picture issues are benefiting the same people — And it’s not you. Regardless of your blind loyalty to a political party or politician, they are not loyal to you. Look at their actions, not their words. Not their empty promises. They are placating you. Compare any politician’s campaign promises to their actions you you will find no fundamental change. Don’t give them more power. Don’t watch them. Don’t vote for them. Don’t believe them. They are professional liars.